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SR 2562 MP3 player 256 MB

ReviewReviewReviewJan 27, '07 8:15 PM
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Manufacturer:  OSIO
The above numeral seems not to correspond with any MP3 model found in the internet so I suppose it is named by our local importer. Two weeks ago we were the intermedaite to sugegst for a project that includes playback of speeches. I was a little disappointed that the local store did not make any deduction ever for such number… Its street price is just Eu 35

Its box uses a built in magnet for the opening-closure of the box. The player is put inside a b black plastic foil as shown in the picture .Under the plastic foil you can find two operating instructions booklets, a USB to Chinese mini-USB cable a mini CD and a battery.

As you may see the model is quite sporty in contrast to our use. The cord includes a mini compass as ‘bonus‘. The battery is drained by the time.

The model requested was 256 MB. AS it will be used speeches, it does not require standard MP3 levels.I tested today that for talks or speeches, just 16 kb on WMA (using Winamp) are enough! 22 kb WMA are sufficient for near-to-FM quality.

And here you will find a summary after using with sample files for about 2 hours

1. Greek as well Chinese letters in the mp3 name cannot be correctly shown.THis comes in contrast with its surely Chinese origin! In all these 3 cases the corresponding ASCIi roman character set waas shown.

2. Languages used are modern and traditional Chinese English German French Dutch and Korean
3. Its earphones have bad curving: middle tones are enhanced, comparing to mine Degen 929 earphones
4. Comparing to other MP3s the audio is a little bassy
5. FM radio: has better sensitivity over Sansa E130. Also it has better audio response over Sansa 130 ….seemsa as simeilar to my degen 828

Spectrum analysis of pink noise files showed the following results:
-MP3 128 is linear, till 18.1 kHz (MP3 128 bandwidth)
-WMA 48 (the highest compromise for 44 kHz) was also linear to 18.1 kHz curved then up to 20.1 kHz then dropped to zero
the resulted noise however was much distorted.
-WMA 64 was with the same curve as WMA 48 but better audio
Based on this , the player plays music exactly ‘as is’.
But mixing WMA and MP3s together can cause the player to crash and reboot…..For this reason, i converted all MP3 files into WMA.

Recording: it has 4 setting but all of them are very low quality. I could neither use it for voice recording . Winamp shown 32 kb/8 kHz for the best setting. .

Transfer speeds: about 1 MB/sec, using watch

As by result the MP3 player is quite good for radio and has better audio over my others but lacks good quality recording.

Degen DE 929 earphones

ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewFeb 25, '07 3:18 PM
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Manufacturer:  Degen DE 929
These earphones are part of the Degen DE 1103 radio. But i could get several more from the company.
These are the best earphones i have heard. A little bassy comparing to my protype Koss UR20 but nevertheless have the broader audio comparing to other earphones, making me feeling as a Senhheiser earphone.

The company's price is USD 4 . I have bought pieces two years ago and for the moment two of them have been sent to junk . The one has been suddenly gone out of order on one of its buds . As for the second , one of the buds has been filled with water from one of my ears ...

Hyundai CJC370

ReviewReviewReviewReviewFeb 25, '07 3:45 PM
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Manufacturer:   Hyundai CJC370
I found these earphones after looking in the local market for a close relative who was only asking for isolating earbuds. It was about months after he seen me using my Sandisk's isolating earbuds and was very impressed with them not only for thier nice audio but also for the good isoaltion they had against the classical earbuds

It was one of the two models i found in the market. The other model was of the Eu 5 range so that i immedately rejected them.
The packing of the huyndai one is very stiff , requiring to cut the plastic with a very sharp knife. Once i tested ,it sounds good , though very bassy, even bassier to the Sandisk's isolating buds , and quite bassier than the DE929 as of the previous review

Also as far as it was the first time[s] of using it , it can attenuate external noises at least 15 db comparing to other earbuds. This time the Sandisk buds after more than 200 times of usage does not offer any real diference with Degen's buds in terms of removing external noise!

ON other side audio goes to fair levels . Comparing to degen 's earbuds it is much 'bassier' and little 'treblier' , and offers a little higer audio ,in case buds are entered in full inside ears

Comparing to Sandisk buds seems to cut the middle levels , leaving just 'bass' and 'treble' , again , in case buds are entered in full inside ears

Earphones Philips SHE 2610 Ipod rady

ReviewReviewReviewReviewMar 8, '07 2:01 PM
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Manufacturer:  Philips
The previous day while being in a store for electronics accessories i was looking for some very cheap clones of my Sandisk ears That model was of he 5 euro region with 4 replaceable Unfortunately that model has been sold out . While looking at there I fond these nice looking earphones that due to thier low cost [it was about Eu 8or for me as ol pal and client Eu 7 only >, I bought them immediately

These standard earphones as you may see in the picture have something uncommon : except the sponge they offer five different replaceable color caps These are installed over the bud


And from a closer view the ears have just only the half of their surface drilled so that the sound can pass [very typical design I think]


Testing now: I have tested with my both ears of reference:

With De 929 of Degen Using them with 929 on the 808A player ,I found the following :
1.Audio is little less bassy than 929.But it does not suffer from bass . As the 808A has two ear outputs , I used both L ear buds in my ears and found that some little bass goes into the 929 side .
2. It has slightly higher volume than the 929.Supposing that a monaural or monophonic sound is located on the nose, the audio point in this case goes near to the eye
3.using the analog Bolong radio [see pic of it at the left] , that has high trebled audio, and using an audio splitter connected to both earphones I found that the Philips one offers slightly higher, low trebled audio , I think the tones on 3-5 kHz

With Sandisk ears :
It goes immediately apparent that Sandisk ears have plenty of bass comparing to the 929. Using sagain the Bolong radio with the same audio channel in both ears, most bass is coming from the Sandisk bud while some trebles are located in the side of the Philips ears

Earphones from E130 sandisk player

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Manufacturer:  Sandisk - E130
About the Sandisk headphones

Those who did not read my article on Sandisk MP3 player on http://zlgr.multiply.com/journal/item/37 and its noise isolating earphones , here is a short description of these wonderful ones.

As you may notice in the photo these ear buds use a smaller then the standard earphones micro-speaker and use a plastic thin foiled ear like external isolator , that makes the earbuds ‘plug’ into the ear.

This makes these buds offer louder audio and increase isolation comparing to the classical earphones

As for example parallel testing , see my next article , using splitter or the 808A the Sandisk shown having same audio level but are quite bassier , presuming the earbud is fully inserted into the ear



Sandisk Photo Album

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Manufacturer:  Sandisk


Looking at the local market last year i think i found something interesting. It was a special offer from a local national chain store at the end of last year.

This nice looking mini gadget is nothing ore than a multi card reader with playback capacities. At the front you could find the card sockets that include > Smartmedia , SD, Compactflash . At the left it is the remote control sensor:

This is the rear part of the Sansa photo album. You may notice the connections are as follows from the left to right :Mains power adaptor socket , audio video socket , USB plug-in, external drive , PAL NTSC video selector and CF1 socket
The pictures below have been shot with Olympus C220 The Nikon D50 shown tooo much flutter in a level that could not show clearly

The photo album works perfectly as card reader, once connected to the computer. IN my computer however there was a small problem with installation under Windows XP. Instead of updating on the taskbar with the installation process, it showed an installation wizard for asking external disks or looking for internal drivers.

Furthermore there is a capability to mark up JPG files for later printing in a compatible DOF printer, It is a n ability notice in the instruction guide , but cannot verify it since my printers are not compatible

Here however I will not stick into its computer capabilities but pass into its playback abilities in the front of a TV screen and Hifi stereo system.

The player once connected into the main s supply shows a Sansa Photo album card and then shows a listing of video files and directories as follows:

The left is the DCIM photo directory of the media card, with thumbs of the first 3 pictures. At the right side there are 2 files with MOV extension that supposed to be recognized, that were a process of other format files. However I found that only camera files can be played correctly

In case two cards are used, via the remote control you can select which card you want to use. The picture below is a bit 'blurry'

This is the files directory showing a preview at right part.
I found something interesting sometime ago. I fulled a folder with more than 2000 pictures. However the player could show only the first 500-512 pictures!

This is how a MP3 file is shown in file mode : pushing the ok button the mp3 file is played and a spectrum analysis with moving bars is shown at the right part . You see also the two supposed movie files


This is the photo thumbnail listing once you enter into the file directory, showing the pictures by 3x3 The thumbnail pictures shown come from wall slogans in the University:


And this is the song listing showing the artist in the left pane [in case it is available in the ID3 tag], the title in a 8.3 [DOS] format and the song time. I wonder if this is the real 8.3 name or something other

Once a song is played it shows the following picture: It shows the singer’s name from the ID3 , the 8.3 DOS name , a bar spectrum graph the total time and the time passed

I used my wife’s compact Hi Fi system Audio is good . I preferred to use the loudness in order to sound a richer . And something recently found is that after 4 hours of audio playback the payer stopped though more than 200 files were in the 1 GB memory

Except the above the player can be adjusted to play songs and photos in sequential or random modes , have about 10 photo transitions , zoom mode with scales from 1 to 10 [about 6 times zoom ] and in case of compact flash card , to play photos with musical background

I forgotten to advise you that the local price was ca 45 Euro but for the Christmas and end of the year time the price dropped to 32 Euro

Anyway I think that this small gadget is very good in case you are on road and sometime you wish to check your photos form your digital camera > I was one oof the reasons I bought it that time for Litohoron so that same time we could watch them on TV , instead of using the photo camera >and its price is still quite cheap for its abilities!

Headphones SLBC HL135

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Manufacturer:  Philips
Philips headphones SLBC HL135

These headphones are one of my older headphones . At fist I bought hem for using with television , as it has a extension cord of ca 6 m , but finally I use them with the IC R 75 communications receiver , used for all these radio logs shown in my blog part of this site

Although I have not ever tested them in parallel with the 929 I found that they give quite nice audio and are quite trebly . Using it in shortwave radios such as the Degen models offers a near to HIFi audio on shortwaves. On a oversimplified parallel test I found that they lack of bass

However using with IC R 75 provides the best results : using the built in resistor I attenuate the strong audio from ICOM receiver . The produced audio is the best among more than 10 head/ear-phones I so far tested. Most other ones increased the 100-300 Hz levels are annoyed my head in just 5 minutes of listening , or were too bassy .

And notice that using them I can listen [DX ] even 5 hours per day! Only one other earphone can give close results for soooooo long listening without harassing my ears

I have now a problem with them. As they are used for more than 5 years its right ear cord has now misconnections cutting the audio. I looked in the market for exactly the same model but nothing found

IQ DVD120T DVd mini layer

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Manufacturer:  IQ smart
And again back to reports ! This however is a short presentation rather than review.

Last summer I was interested in finding a compact DVD player for my trips inside Greece that has nearly everything including television .looking around the local arket I did not find something that suited to my needs and budget….
….until I found something looking into at a hyper-store outside the city Mediamarkt with a great collection of portable DVD players including the above model that found being very close to to my requirements ….

Tested at first in the house , the model had ‘a bug’ as a ‘cover open ‘ message found after its start-up. Returned after several days (with the receipt ), the company has replaced it with a new one without any questions. The price was quite reasonable at Eu 175 , comparing to others we found with euros 250 and 350.

The above number code DVD130 TV is the localized code from the ‘greek’ company IQ-smart. This company as several others here in Greece , sell apparently Chinese (OEM) products under their own codes. If someone knows this model from the pictures below , please let me know further…. (nothing other found after ‘googling’ in both names and number codes )

Now back to the DVD player. It has been bought as a compact portable player and has these main operations:

  • A 7 inch 16: 9 TFT screen . This makes the screen being ‘future proof’ . However using it with the standard 4:3 format makes the silhouettes quite fatty. The buttons near the TFT screen can adjust temporarily to the 4:3 format

  • It acts surely as DVD player , It also supports VCD , SVCD video formats and MP3 /JPG formats . From the specs it also supports ‘photo CD’ (Kodak format? ) and nearly all formats of CD/DVD standards
    from the internet specs there is also a MP4 operation – possibly an update of the previous firmware

  • Built in radio (FM only )and TV tuner

  • Built in USB port

  • The set includes:

  • an active antenna connecting to the set via a standard UHF connector

  • a mains supply adaptor

  • the instruction book

  • remote control

  • a battery

  • The appearance of the player

    As you might see the set has a very nice design, one of the nicest models I ve seen in the market .

  • The TV screen : Near to the screen there are 5 quite small buttons , that set up the screen operations (colour, brightness , sharpness , ) the radio / TV reception and the channel setting .

    And here is a closeup of the buttons under the TFT screen

  • The DVD panel: at the right part , there are the most useful operations including zoom and cursor movement (on the top )

  • The right side: from left to right: volume control (not very strong volume at maximum level ) , headphones output , SPDIF (digital audio ), audio /video line out , and switches for tuner /DVD and power on/off and main input

  • the left side: antenna input and USB connector

  • Video operation

    Very common operations in vodeo modes:
    Playback is in 2x 4x 6x and 8x and 3 slowdowns

  • 3 zoom and un-zoom levels are supported. On the screen a small box is showing the zoom and with ability to scroll with the arrows across the zoomed picture

  • Both, panel and remote control, have the next /previous chapter operation

  • Have not tested so far the player operating with its battery and the total operation time.

  • Another important is that operation even after 3 hours shown no significant heating in its circuits or ‘trembling’ in its operation with sudden stops in playback etc. This was the problem with another I tested long before

  • The remote control :

    Operating as MP3 – JPG player
    A dual pane explorer is shown, directory on the left and contents on the right
    Jpeg and MP3 are shown and selected separately. The directory view shows also the unsupported files
    The jpg pictures also seem a bit dull even on standard viewing. Audio of MP3s is not 100% linear
    I found a secret operation : It also plays WMA formats . AAC format seems unsupported but played at 2-3 times faster …..
    MP4 format as per specs is supported but in this model it does not play…

    ‘Secret’ operations in DVD mode :
    Having tested some other mini DVD players so far , this (IQ) seems not having any special playback capabilities from its standard.
    Some others could play MPG files too. This model lacks this operation ….

    Working as FM radio
    The set includes an FM radio. However it works only as monophonic. The system uses up to 32 memories that can be stored automatically or manually. Everything is made using the buttons close to the screen
    Newer versions of the software show up to 40 channels
    And here is a picture while scanning for radio channels

    Working as TV set
    Another very interesting operation. Up to 31 memories. Memorizing tv channels can be done automatically or manually .Monophonic audio
    The model uses a external active antenna coiled on its above middle end with ca 1 meter cable connected with standard UHF plug ,
    Its gain is quite high:
    Before using it , I tested the player with an old active (with adjustable amplification )TV antenna. AS I live in a difficult point the results with that antenna were a bit disappointing. But replacing it with the company’s antenna the results were quite better .
    Newer versions of the software show up to 125 channels

    With the USB port
    The USB port is located on the left side of the player and acts as port scanner.

  • USB flash memories are easily recognized. And catalogued the MP3 /JPG way

  • Card readers are also recognized. My 6:1 card reader is immediately recognized and in very short time the SD card’s contents (from my camera ) are shown and played back

  • MP3 players in contrast are not recognized. As for example both my Sandisk E130 and Creative Zen models cant communicate with the IQ player

  • Settings : there are two ways of settings :

    from the monitor : Pressing Menu shows the following

    from the remote control or the DVD base system

    In total , this model is really an all in one model , capable to be used as a small portable DVD , radio and TV set in your trips ,or in cases your wife /husband wants to watch television separately from what you want.

    I like it very much for itrs very nice operation ,but could prefer to support at least the MPG file standard for direct viewing

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    zlgr wrote on Sep 12, '08

    • USB connection: very interesting : As with the normal DVDs and Cd it recognizes the mp3 , wma and jpg files . Once it is shown its own explorer , it reads the contents and two mini bars with resulted files are shown in two layers the one covering the other
    The explorer plays immediately the first mp3 song found in the root directory . This is the same it does with mp3 cds and dvds .

    • in USb connection it can also play external memories via card reader as well as mp3 players . In case more than 2 memorie are used it can recognize only the first . For example Sansa 130 with added memory added , it recognizes only the internal memory of Sansa

    • Explorer filing : it shows exactly the files to the order are stored.

    • Using it with muvi: muvi formatted Avis were also played , after an initialization process . Tested with another video conversion programs and the results on xvid and divx worked OK

    • Audio : as tested with good quality headphones on mp3 files , there is some audio widening